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kerrang's Journal

Kerrang! Life Is Loud
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Info inspired by nimstar

What we do want;

  • Information of upcoming gigs.

  • Information on your band and things relating to them.

  • Your personal music preferences, if you want to, even a short introduction, if you're that way inclined.

  • Anything related to the Kerrang magazine, TV stations or radio station.

  • I like pictures, so if you have a band feel free to post gig pictures/reviews/etc.

What we don't want;

  • What other great community we should join because you think it's a great idea.

  • For this to be used as if it were your own personal journal. It's a community.

  • To know is anything that isn't to do with music.

Kerrang was born in June 1981, sporting AC/DC's Angus Young. Since then Kerrang! has grown into something more than a magazine, it's now got a radio station and television channel. This community is an extension of this, where you can put yer points, views, recommendations, reviews, so on and so forth across to other rock lovers, all over livejournal. Enjoy!irutsun