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Karn8 Confirmed For Rocksound Stage at Guilfest 2009

Guilfest 2009
Karn8 have been confirmed to play on the Rocksound stage at this years Guilfest Music Festival with other great bands such as We are The Ocean and many more. We are on stage at 6.30pm on Friday 10th July, so plenty of time to catch Motorhead afterwards!

Weekend and Day tickets are available from the band at a discounted rate, but hurry as there are only a few left!
If your interested email

Join the event on Facebook here for more details

Old No.7
The new single Old No.7 is selling well on iTunes and still going down a storm live, so don't forget to download your copy here

Also check out the Video on Youtube and Facebook

New Live pics
We just uploaded some wicked new live pics taken by Louise Blackman at the single launch at The Monto Water, check them out here:

New Album Reviews
Here are some new reviews of our album Of All The Strange Things that have just come in as well:

"Always just that little bit of an enigma, Karn8 have once again laid down some great tracks, all 13 of them actually. This album is very laid back and chilled affair that is getting damn close to perfecting their female fronted Bluesy Goth Rock. Kirst's voice has a very sensual edge and works just as well when she is lilting a refrain as it does when she is adding a bit of power and passion. Being a three piece the sound is kept clean and crisp. Bones's single guitar work and Leigh's balanced drumming, working to compliment both the vocals and the lyrics..." - Phoenix @ Devolutionmag

To read the full review you will need to buy Devolution Magazine here

"Of All The Strange Things is an excellent display of gritty rock music and to be perfectly frank, despite it falling outside my area of expertise, it's impossible to put a finger on anything decidedly bad here. Where it succeeds most prominently is in the tone and character of just about every song. Close your eyes and you'll find yourself lying on your back in a rye field, sipping a glass of bourbon, reminiscing about the good old days. Much of this owes to Kirst's sexy, Southern-tinged vocal performance, which gives the album its sleazy, laid back attitude that probably owes as much to the old school punk mentality as it does to country rock legends like Johnny Cash. All this sounds like mere name-dropping of course, but it's necessary to convey the hugely eclectic nature of Karn8's music. And yet despite the wide spectrum of influences the album maintains its focus... So pull out a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes if you like, slide this disc in and let yourself be seduced by the sly provocateur that is Karn8" - Aleksi @

To read the full review you will need to go to the Rockfreaks website here

You can buy the album online here

Next Gigs
Friday 5th June - The Fighting Cocks, Kingston
Friday 19th June - The Portland Rock Bar, Hove
Thursday 25th June - The Fat Fox, Southsea
Friday 3rd July - The Tap n' Tin, Chatham
Saturday 4th July - 229, London
Friday 10th July - Rocksound Stage, Guilfest
Friday 24th July - Jericho Tavern, Oxford
Friday 31st July - Schism, Woking
Saturday 1st August - The Red Lion, Northfleet
Saturday 8th August - The Underbelly, London
Sunday 1st November - The Purple Turtle, London

Keep it filthy

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